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Strange scientific phenomena


 Strange scientific phenomena we need to understand.

Scientific progress

Despite the great scientific progress that man has reached in all fields, there are phenomena that science has not been able to explain, but there remains a constant quest and studies carried out by scientists to explain these phenomena in the future, during this article we will address some of them.

Strange scientific phenomena clairvoyance.

It is a talent enjoyed by some people of different religions and cultures, which makes them able to know what can happen in the future in all its details before the event occurs, and there are cases already recorded for such people, and clairvoyance or prediction of the future is completely different from people who do sorcery and astrology, and so far there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

A strange sound at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

In 1997, a strong sound was heard, which resonated about five thousand kilometers, as the recording devices of the National Oceanic Administration were able to record it, and despite the similarity of this sound with the sounds of living organisms, there is no animal that can make a sound up to this distance, even the blue whale, the largest animal on earth, and no one has yet been able to know the cause and source of this sound.
Strange scientific phenomena
Strange scientific phenomena

The UFO phenomenon.

UFO means flying objects, and there is more than one incident of eyewitnesses who saw strange vehicles in the sky, so that some pilots in the US Air Force saw what looks like strange ships that have no similar to our planet, and scientists are still trying to solve this mystery and reach any confirmed information or evidence to find out what is the truth of these vehicles.

Nazca Lines

They are inscriptions that exist so far in the southern desert of Peru, and it is likely that these drawings belong to the Nazca people who inhabited this region two thousand years ago, and the strange thing is that the inscriptions were not affected by weather factors, and they are drawn on a large area estimated at about 190 square miles, and the strange thing is that these drawings are very perfect and scientists are still confused about how to complete these drawings in this professional form, although there were no techniques at that time to know the shape of the drawings from The highest, and this is what made it added to the strange scientific phenomena that puzzled scientists.

Mary Celset's ship.

It is a ship that was built in 1860 AD and weighed 280 tons, and the ship sailed on the fifth of November 1872, and the journey began from New York, but a month after the voyage, it was found floating empty without its passengers, and there was no possibility that the ship would sink, and strangely enough, the passengers were not found, and scientists could not explain this phenomenon either.