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how to promote your business locally


 7 New Marketing Methods to Promote Your Business.

As a marketer or business owner, you should constantly look for new marketing methods and innovative marketing ideas to promote your project. This is to get out of the circle of intense competition in traditional marketing methods, and on the other hand diversify the marketing tools and means of your project.

Moreover, to stay up to date with new marketing trends in the market, while implementing successful ideas that are appropriate for your project. Therefore, in this article, we will learn about a list of new and innovative marketing ideas outside the box, with practical examples that explain how to apply them to promote your project.
how to promote your business locally
how to promote your business locally

1. TikTok Marketing.

TikTok is relatively new compared to other digital marketing methods. It began to achieve fame and success with the beginning of 2018 until the number of users of the platform reached nearly 700 million active users around the world. So TikTok marketing is your perfect choice if you are looking for new marketing methods to promote your project in an inexpensive and non-competitive way.

TikTok allows you to turn innovative marketing ideas into short videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds in length. For example, if your project is an online store selling products, you can shoot a short video while manufacturing products for customers and publish them on your account on the platform.

Moreover, you can use the platform to build your personal brand and promote your project with new ideas for personal promotion. For example, if you specialize in a field, you can post short awareness videos to your audience, reply to comments with personalized videos, or create a reaction video to other videos.

One example that reveals the power and influence of TikTok in our region is Chef Burak, a Turkish chef known for making creative and innovative short cooking videos. Today, he has about 38 million followers on TikTok and millions of views, and fans come to him specially from all over the world to try his restaurant known as "City Restaurant".

2. Marketing with discount coupons.

Some companies resort to using smart marketing ideas to help them increase sales, and the discount coupon marketing strategy is one of those ideas. What distinguishes this strategy is that it entice a large segment of potential customers who are interested in saving some money, and motivate them to buy more products.

Moreover, coupon marketing helps you beat competitors. For example, if you own some highly competitive products in the market, you can offer discount coupons to potential customers to offer a competitive advantage to the audience and thus motivate them to buy your product.

With this method, you don't have to sell all your products at a discount to the competition, but only highly competitive products. In addition, promotions help turn your existing customers into permanent customers who are loyal to your brand, because customers respond emotionally to companies that provide them with offers and discount coupons periodically.

To improve your discount coupon marketing strategy, encourage the customer to use the discount code and purchase the product, the best way to do this is by making the discount coupon for a limited time or in a limited quantity. Also, do not neglect to analyze the performance of discount coupons, so that you can test more than one method, and adopt the most effective method for your project later.

3. Gorilla Marketing.

If you are looking for new, innovative and cost-effective marketing methods, Guerrilla marketing should be your preferred method of promoting your project. This approach is based on adding a specific attraction to attract the target audience in a creative way, while allocating a modest marketing budget that achieves a significant impact.

This method can be applied using several effective methods. For example, you can distribute free samples of your new products to the public to try them out but in a special way. Like Coca-Cola in one of its advertising campaigns, offering free drinks to anyone who hugs the Coca-Cola refrigerator, in a message to link the feeling of happiness to drinking its products.

Moreover, there are some other innovative ideas to attract the target audience. For example, using graffiti to graffiti on walls and sidewalks, making controversial videos to motivate sharing and publishing your video with others, or providing free and low-cost products at the same time, such as providing free umbrellas, chairs or towels to vacationers while promoting your company's products on those products.

However, just as there are several advantages to gorilla marketing, there are also several downsides to watch out for and avoid. For example, your campaign can be misunderstood by the audience because of the boldness and unfamiliarity of the idea, which can result in public discontent and discredit your company. Therefore, make sure that your idea is presented to the audience in a clear and unambiguous manner, and that the customs and traditions of the target audience are taken into account.

4.Use voice search.

Interest in voice search or what is known as voice search has recently increased, as a result of the increased reliance on it as an alternative to typing in search engines. You can take advantage of new marketing methods such as voice search to promote your project, especially with increased reliance on it in search engines.

In fact, a large number of voice search users in search engines are usually potential buyers of a product or service. For example, their queries are of the type of What is the closest pizzeria to my location? And where is there a perfume and beauty shop near me? Or I want an electronics store near me? and other similar queries.

As you can see, most of these queries carry a high conversion rate, which means that the person who asks is most likely ready and prepared for the purchase of the product or service they are looking for. However, the most important question remains, how do you configure your blog or site for voice search users in search engines so that your potential customers find you?

Simply, give keywords in the form of priority questions, for example phrases that begin with where, what, how, does. Etcetera. That's because a large number of voice search users start their query with a question. In addition, focus on long-form keywords, as voice search users tend to use longer phrases, for example, a phrase such as: An original perfume shop in Riyadh is close to me.

Plus, don't neglect user intent and relevant searches for highly targeted keywords with a high conversion rate. For example, if you own an online shoe store, ask yourself what kind of keywords express a user's intention to buy shoes? At the same time, you can use the relevant searches that the search engine suggests.

Here are some examples: I want high heels, I want comfortable walking sneakers, how do I choose suitable men's shoes, best men's shoes, best women's shoes. Etcetera. By following this approach, you will get keywords for potential customers interested in buying shoes from your online store.

5.Create a podcast

A podcast or podcast is a personal radio program, usually consisting of a series of episodes on a specific topic, in which the podcast owner speaks in person or hosts influential people in the field and is listened to by interested people. Recently, interest in podcasts has increased in the Arab world.

You can promote your podcast on an Arab community such as I/O, an Arab community that allows you to present certain topics for discussion and exchange views and ideas about. It has many communities interested in different fields such as technology, entrepreneurship, marketing and other fields, choose the right community for your podcast field, then participate and publish in it.

In addition, try to make it easier for your podcast to be shared by listeners, by adding a range of shareable media such as quotes, images, and pre-written tweets. Etcetera. As an extra step, connect
 with blogs related to podcasting, and offer to use those media in some of their articles to make them hearty and informative.

In addition, connect with other colleagues in the same field who have their own podcast, and offer to attend their podcast. By following this strategy, you will reach a new target audience, certainly if they enjoy your talk in the podcast, part of them will examine your podcast and may become among your fans and regular followers.

6.Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, or as it is known as celebrity marketing, means the use of influential people on a certain segment of the target audience and agreeing with them to promote the products or services of a particular brand to the public and lovers for an agreed fee.

This financial compensation varies from one influencer to another according to the size of the followers and the audience. But the question remains, what is the marketing effectiveness of using influencer marketing? Well, 89% of marketers believe that influencer marketing yields a return on investment (ROI) similar to or better than other digital marketing methods.

Influencer marketing can be relied upon across a number of platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. But the most important thing in the beginning is that you should define your goal well from using influencer marketing.

For example, do you want to increase your brand awareness and want to build a target and interested audience, or do you just want to get sales, or is your goal to boost customer loyalty and retain your existing customers? Clearly defining your goal at the beginning helps you successfully achieve the goals of any marketing campaign.

Some marketers and business owners believe that influencer marketing stands when hiring celebrities. But this is not the case, as you should analyze the results of any marketing campaign by doing A/B tests to reach the best possible result. Thus, you continue with the influential people who bring you the greatest return on investment to reduce the size of the marketing budget and raise profits.

7.Marketing through business-to-business integration.

Marketing through integration between companies, or as it is known as joint marketing, means the agreement between two or more companies to conclude marketing alliances between them, provided that the products are complementary and not competitive with each other. This is in order to reach a new type of interested customer, so that each company benefits from promoting itself to the other company's audience.

But how to choose a suitable company to work with? In fact, there are many ways to do this, simply ask yourself a few questions. For example, ask yourself does the company have a similar type of audience to yours and want to grow? How many potential customers are expected to be generated as a result of this partnership? Does the company have a reputable brand? and other similar questions.

After choosing the company, it is time to determine the type of content you share according to the goal of the partnership, some common marketing ideas can be applied. For example, an e-book, preparing a joint online event, or an advertisement to promote shared integrated products, for example, an advertisement between two stores offering complementary products, such as perfumes and beauty products, or fresh drinks with fried chicken meals... Etc.

In conclusion, as a marketer or business owner, you must constantly use new and innovative marketing methods. Experimenting with more than one method and focusing on the successful method of your project type and audience will help you beat your competitors. During this journey, you can use e-marketing service providers on Khamsat, the largest microservices market in the Arab region.