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internet speed and download speed


 The relationship of internet speed to download speed

Broadband connections are considered asynchronous connections, meaning that data travels at a different speed in transmission than reception, depending on the speed of the computer in transmitting or receiving information from the Internet;

Upload speed: also known as transmission speed, is the speed at which a user's computer uploads files to the Internet.

internet speed and download speed
internet speed and download speed

Download speed: Also known as the receipt speed, it is the speed at which the user's computer receives files from the Internet, and the download speed is usually faster than the download speed.

Definition of Internet speed

Internet speed or connection speed is defined as the sum of the maximum data transfer rate over a network wire or device, and it is a measure of how fast data is transmitted over a wired or wireless connection, measured in bits per second, referred to as bandwidth; 10 Gbps, which is approximately 180,000 times faster than a regular modem, however sharing with other devices will not allow the user to access the maximum capacity purchased from your ISP.

Definition of loading

Uploading can be defined as copying files from a small peripheral device to a large central system to store a copy of the file that is sent, by transferring data from a local computer to a large remote system, and this word has spread among users in the seventies, and downloading is the most common file sharing technique, and is done over the Internet using File Transfer Protocol.

How to measure internet connection speeds

Your connection speed will be based on a number of factors such as connection using 
  • fiber or copper cables.
  •  Distance from the communication station and line quality. 
  • The maximum data rate that can be received over an Internet connection is defined as downstream bandwidth.
  •  The maximum data rate that can be sent is known as upstream bandwidth.

Comparison of different carriers

BT connection company Infiniti can provide a download speed of 76Mb and a download speed of 19MB and this is usually 6 times faster than the average UK speed which is 12MB downstream, at this speed download large files, such as 500MB of photos taken by a colleague of yours working in a different location, will be uploaded in less than 10 seconds, and upload the video to your website, where the video is 60MB, will take more A little about 3 seconds to download this if your connection is running at 19MB.

How can I test the actual speed when connected to the Internet?

We often need this to find out the reason for the slow Internet, if it is from the company or the user, and we determine the actual Internet speed that is pumped from the place of supply for the device, and you can check the current speed by
 BT speed test, to make sure your results are accurate you will need:
  •  Connect the computer to the mall with an Ethernet cable, but if you do this like any other connection you will get the wrong results.
  •  When you do this you have to close all applications, leaving only the browser window open.
  •  If you are updating applications such as Windows Update or Antivirus Scan, make sure that these processes are finished before running the speed test.
  •  You will need exclusive use of the network, so make sure that any other user does not download or use the network in any way while the test is running.

Go to speed test

You go through the checklist on the screen, choose Yes to confirm that you have completed all the steps, choose Next, and you will get the speed result after a few minutes, with comments about the test and links to more information, and the speed of the Internet can vary, you have this is because the test result is to determine the instantaneous speed of the Internet in which the test was run. To use the speed test, the device must support Adobe Flash, and if you have trouble running this, check for the latest version of Flash Player.