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Jobs in CIB for fresh graduates and experienced


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Teller job - fresh graduates at the Commercial International Bank.. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. News, followers of Knowledge Icon. Vacancies are now available at the International Commercial Bank. Teller job is available for you. 
CIB bank for jobs
CIB Bank Jobs

The opportunity is now waiting for you to apply for Teller job Through the bank's official website, a new job vacancy for bank teller job.The teller job in banks is an important and basic job, and the teller bears the great responsibility in the bank, because he has to complete and provide all the various banking tasks from withdrawing, depositing, transferring money and exchanging currencies, and the teller deals with customers directly And he must carry out all the needs of the client and give him the best quality of service.

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Information about Taylor's job

Job type: full time employee 

Main location: Egypt - Cairo city - the heart of the city 

Job: Teller, teller job in a bank 

Organization: Commercial International Bank Retail Banking

 Salary: Not mentioned


There is no experience from 0 to 2 years of experience.

Bachelor's degree .


• Good English and Arabic. 

• communication skills . 

• solving problems .

 • Service oriented. 

• Process oriented.

 • Experience using basic computer programs such as office, Internet, and e-mail

Job duties:

• Executing all ATM functions, handling captured cards, and reporting malfunctions for maintenance.

 • Alternative channels for customers to reduce traffic.

 • Process all counter cash transactions accurately according to the set objectives.

 • Manage the daily cash needs of the branch with the head teller to improve the coordination of cash shipments between the branch and the central treasury. 

• Thoroughly investigate any discrepancies in balancing and reconciling between cash and other security items by following the standard inspection/audit/investigation process as outlined in the branch standard operating procedure manual. 

• Selling products based on customers' capabilities and needs without affecting their core business and service standards that contribute to achieving the key performance indicators of the branches.

• Maintaining the absence of any cash shortage or overrun.

 • Extensive examination of all end-of-day reports and correction of significant discrepancies.

 • Verify counterfeit currency, checks and identities.

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