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Impact of technology on children's upbringing

Ahmed Salah

Impact of technology on children's upbringing

 Many types of research have shown that technology has positive and negative effects on children; it not only affects the way they think but also affects the way their brains grow and develop, if reading works to raise the level of concentration and imagination in the brain, on the other hand, technology also has the ability to stimulate the brain to examine and store information quickly and efficiently. However, emphasis should be placed on the quality and manner in which technology is provided to children, which makes it harmful or beneficial to the child's upbringing, especially in the early years of life.

The impact of excessive and moderate technology on breeding

First of all, there is a strong link between the child's behaviors, which is applied by the method of raising parents, and the impact of external factors from school, friends, and teachers, and the new modern technology in all its branches, it is possible that technology overwhelms all that the son has learned from controlling and linking in his family, and it is also possible that these technological means overwhelm and control the child's thinking, erasing what he was raised on and adding new negative effects

And because we are in a world where technology invades very quickly, it has become impossible to find a child who does not use smartphones and computers where he does not find it difficult to use touch screens or iPads, and here scientists linked the excessive use of technology and the state of mood swings, and in return, they linked the moderate use of technology and its ability to develop a number of cognitive and social skills

Excessive use of technology can break emotional bonds between parents and their children, while moderate use of it maintains these bonds. Excessive use of technology caused children to increase their lipid, as well as decreased sleep hours, and vice versa. Children who used technology between 3 to 4 hours a day were 50% more likely to fall into dangerous behaviors such as smoking or drug use.

The role of parents

Children are a trust that we must take care of them and develop their abilities, and help them understand the methods of education because building personality depends on parents and warning them of wrong behaviors, and understanding their point of view strengthens their determination as we must cultivate the principles of right and wrong before all this, and choose friends, and good example.

The use of smart devices for children depends on the parents, and with the help of smart applications, parents can reduce children's use of devices, and this is done by determining the appropriate time for them, and in the case of increasing the specified time, the device closes automatically in addition to controlling the quality of programs, games, applications, and education by playing

Technology and the child's social skills

  • Through technology and modern devices, the child acquires the necessary skills to develop social relations, and if these devices are used correctly, the child can communicate with his friends and relatives through communication programs such as Skype. 

  • A lot of games and activities can be practiced using laptops or applications on smartphones. All contribute to teaching the child the need to accomplish tasks by finishing one level in a game or educational program until he moves to the other level.

  • Modern technological devices help in developing the child's skills significantly, as they help him develop his talents or support him with the necessary information and expand reading about areas he is interested in, which certainly expands his perceptions and acquire cultures and information in different fields. 

Cons of technology for children

  • Technology pushes the child to autism and isolation from his family and friends and involves in a virtual electronic world, so you find that he spends hours in front of the TV screen or iPad.

  • The child even prefers to spend most of his time with electronic devices instead of spending his time with his family.

  • Children spend hours in front of TV screens, laptops or even smartphones exposing the child to the rays emitted from them, which leads to poor vision and eye sensitivity

  • Through technological devices and the Internet, the child may be exposed to content that is inappropriate for his age; it is an open world

  • And with young children, they don't realize how to distinguish between right and wrong, which of course affects their behavior.

  •  A child may acquire violence as a result of watching some movies that present scenes of violence, or through games that involve wars or killings

To reduce technology in child rearing

  • Parents should allocate time for the family without using smartphones, TV screens and other devices that hinder social communication in real life.
  • Creating a language of dialogue between parents and children, which contributes to informing parents about the child's behaviors and observing his reactions in different situations

  • Determine the number of hours watched, and when the child spends time playing games or watching movies, so the child grows up on these conditions and becomes a habit in his life.

  • Parents should be role models for their children, so you cannot guide your child in using the phone or iPad while you spend most of your time with the phone or watching TV.
  • You have to urge your child to think and choose the most suitable for him and what helps him achieve his goals and develop and improve himself
  • It is also necessary to teach your child how to arrange his priorities and organize his time, thus laying the foundations on which he will face the disadvantages of technology.